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The app B2C and B2B market is today the most powerful and fastest growing market for companies around the globe. Almost one billion ( smartphones sold worldwide, apps have the power to spread your business as never before.

We develop a new app for your business from the ground up or we make your existing app even better. Reach millions of customers. Spread your business. Don't hesitate to contact us.

About us

MASP Software Solutions, which was founded 2005 by Mark Spitzer, started with applications for Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile devices.

Today, MASP Software Solutions is highly specialized in managing and developing powerful apps for mobile devices running Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows and Google Android devices.

The websites http://www.sizzlecode.com and http://www.quoox.net are part of MASP Software Solutions.


You can find our In-House Apps at http://www.sizzlecode.com. Over the years, our apps received several rewards and are bestsellers worldwide.


The quoox|NETWORK is a backend service developed for providing e.g. location based services and other interfaces for mobile apps.