Price: EUR 14,95
Version: 2.00
Released: May 13, 2010

Daniel Webster released a great video review about MASPware GuardMobile,
view it here. Thank you very much for this!

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MASPware GuardMobile is a security- and controlsystem for Windows Mobile devices. Its a silent, hidden program, which (e.g. after a thievery) executes commands remotely initiated by the device owner.

Protect your device and data! Even after a thievery and even after a sim-card change!

Here an application example:

Imaging, your cellular windows mobile device has been stolen. What can you do now?

  • You can initiate an alarm and lock the device
  • You can locate your device (GPS receiver is required)
  • If your stolen device contains top secret data, you can do a hardreset remotely to erase all data! (Use carfully!)
  • You can initiate a callback to overhear the thief

How does GuardMobile work?

The device owner installs and configures GuardMobile. He sets an arbitrary device PIN and adds cellular numbers, which can control this device, to totally prevent abuse. After activation, the program stays "silently" in background until its asked to do some action. When GuardMobile is active and "exited", it does not use any program memory (only a few bytes) or cpu power! It is "sleeping" until it is asked to do some action (via SMS).

Since every device supports SMS nowadays, the whole communication is done via SMS, which means you can control your device using any other cellular phone (no Windows Mobile required!). No internet access is necessary. The device replies all actions with a confirmation SMS.